Saturday, April 21, 2007

We Love Earth Day!

We spent the day at Pasadena's "Greening the Earth" event and gathered scads of signatures for Amnesty's actions to clean up Bhopal and New Orleans. We also had fun for the kids with a coloring activity, making prayer flags to decorate our booth and to draw attention to a Tibetan refugee action. Thanks to all who volunteered at our table (especially organizer-in-chief Joyce Wolf!) and all those who stopped by to chat and take action.

As usual, the people-- and animal-- watching at the fair was terrific. We especially enjoyed our neighbor the donkey, and Eaton Canyon Nature Center's stuffed bobcat poised to leap onto our table. (over Joyce's shoulder in the top picture.)

Remember, you can click on the photos to view larger versions!

On Friday, we managed a bit of tabling at Caltech's Earth Day as well and while a downpour seemed initially a bit discouraging, in fact we found the intimacy of huddling under a small tent with fellow activists and determined students looking for a bit of cheap vegeterian chow and a slice of the traditional Caltech Earthday Cake rather enjoyable. The limited space did keep us from sharing coloring activities with the techheads, though. We promise to come back next year with crayons!

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