Thursday, April 26, 2007

Map Mania!

I've been exploring the new Crisis in Darfur collaboration between the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth, which combines photos and testimony with mapping and satellite imagery of the destruction of villages in Darfur, Sudan. Viewing the project does involve downloading a piece of free software which may be too much effort for the less tech-happy among us, but the project is really an exciting taste of new possibilities for documenting human rights violations and presenting the evidence to the public.

Less taxing on the tech-challenged are our new Rights Readers Literary Maps! These are maps marking the settings of books we have read. So far the maps of North America and South America are complete. Be sure to zoom in on LA and NYC as the pins get thick in those spots. We have nice start on a walking tour of Manhattan. In Los Angeles its more like a Gold/Red/Blue Line tour. Also, compare the exercise yards at various penal institutions. (We really get around!) These links have been added to the sidebar and will be updated as we visit more locations.

Finally, I recently discovered a fascinating map blog I think my Esteemed Readers will love: Strange Maps. Check it out!
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