Saturday, April 21, 2007

Secret Death Chamber - Update

Earlier this week we posted an action in the sidebar calling attention to the Schwarzenegger administration's attempt to do an end run around the legislature and the public by building a new death chamber at San Quentin by claiming it would cost "only" $399, 000-- under the $400,000 trigger that requires notification of lawmakers. Well, now we are pleased to report that the Guv has called a halt to construction, but not before it has been revealed that the new secret chamber has already cost taxpayers $725,000!

The governor is trying to meet the May 15 deadline set by U.S. District Judge Jeremy D. Fogel for planned "fixes" to the lethal-injection execution system. We agree with the LA Times editors,
The truth is that there is no humane way to carry out the barbaric ritual of state executions no matter how improved the lighting or commodious the space.
The death penalty is too flawed to fix. See the sidebar to send an email to the governor and your state reps to stop the madness now!
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