Thursday, March 08, 2007

International Women's Day Action - Chechnya

We have so many actions to call attention to on International Women's Day that we are going to have to spread them out over more than one day. But let's start with one that relates to our selection this month, Anna Politkovskaya's Putin's Russia. Urge Russian President Putin to stop violence against women in Chechnya,
Since 1999, female civilians have particularly suffered due to the armed conflict in Chechnya, as Russian federal forces have committed rape, torture, disappearances, and killings. Chechen armed groups have also indiscriminately attacked civilians, including women and girls. In a climate of impunity, women and girls are routinely denied justice. Act now and urge President Putin to prosecute all allegations of violence against women.

Some examples:

"Madina": Madina (not her real name) is 24 years old. In April 2004 she was detained by Russian Federal forces and taken, blindfolded, to the main Russian military base in Khankala, Chechnya. She was tortured dailiy with electric shocks, the wires connected to her bra. She was stripped, threatened with rape and repeatedly beaten. After two weeks she was told a mistake had been made and was released.

"Aset": Russian federal forces detained Aset (not a her real name) at a checkpoint in June 2003 and accused her of wanting to be a suicide bomber. According to relatives, she was chained to a bed and gang-raped every night, and was unable to stand or walk when released six days later. Aset has four children. Her husband was reportedly killed at their home by Russian forces in April 2003.

And more here. Send a message now!
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