Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Frontline: Requiem

Opps! I went to tape the PBS Independent Lens broadcast of Race to Execution (which was quite good and I hope becomes available to activists on DVD) and realized that the preceding Frontline/World program offered a segment in which a Filipino journalist paid tribute to slain colleagues around the world such as Anna Politkovskaya and Hrant Dink. Luckily, you can view the segment, Requiem, online. Also checking out the resources at the site I learned that the Phillipines is second only to Iraq this year in journalists killed in the line of duty, so to speak. If the tribute moves you to take action, our newsletter this month featured two actions for journalists: Eritrean journalist, Fessahaye Yohannes who died in custody and whose death should be investigated, and Bangladeshi journalist Sumi Khan who has been attacked and threatened.
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