Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Best in Web Activism

Amnesty International USA's website has been nominated for a Webby award in the Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit category.  You can help them win the 'People's Voice' award by voting here. I think the recent redesign of the AI site well deserves an award, but we are competing against the Girl Scouts and no one can overwhelm an online poll like pre-teen girls, so get busy!

By the way, a clever ad campaign (see video below) for AI-Sweden has been nominated in the Interactive Media: Rich Meda Non-Profit/Educational category which has the wallpaper on your cell phone unlock a cell door when you "slide to unlock" the gadget. You can vote for them too. (AI Germany had a similar ipad ad which prevented the user from "swiping away torture" --see that demo here.)

I love exploring the best in innovative online activism via the Webby Award recommendations. I need help casting a vote in the Activism category. Who doesn't love a plucky small town campaign to save a library (Book Burning Party)?Or take the challenge of SPENT, a game that forces you into experiencing the hard daily decisions of a homeless person. The Breathe Project is helping Pittsburgh improve it's air quality and CounterSpill is a useful adjunct to some of the books we've read about environmental disasters like Voices from Chernobyl and Earth Odyssey.  And I thoroughly enjoyed the entire 20-minute grizzly-bear-eye view of the Canadian Rockies offered up at  Bear 71.  Which do you think should win? Get any creative bursts from these inspirational sites for your own activism?

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