Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rights Readers Round-up

Another of our periodic posts rounding up what's new with Rights Readers authors:

Salman Rushdie has a part in the film version of Midnight's Children
to be directed by Deepa Mehta (Water). More here.

Philip Gourevitch (We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families) defends Obama,
Mr. Obama is not suppressing information when he opposes the release of more photographs. After all, he just made public a series of Bush administration torture policy memos that authorize the very methods for inflicting pain and suffering that the Abu Ghraib photographs represent. In fact, it is because of Mr. Obama’s leadership in bringing these dark practices to light that the press and the public — having for too long been passive to the point of complicity on the issue — are now agitating for more sensational imagery. Who are we trying to fool, if not ourselves, if we pretend that we need more photos to know what has been going on?
Amira Hass (Drinking the Sea at Gaza) arrested as she returns from Israel to Gaza. This incident not really getting in the way of her reporting the nitty gritty of life in Gaza.

Did not know that Hector Tobar (The Tattooed Soldier) is an LAT columnist. I think that's where I will go when I need a shot of LA nostalgia, especially columns like this. I miss my raucous neighborhood parrots.

Amulya Malladi (A Breath of Fresh Air) has her own blog.
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