Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Libyan HIV case

Some of our Loyal Readers may be interested in following the case of the six health professionals who have been sentenced to death for after being convicted of deliberately infecting 426 children with HIV in Libya. Amnesty is calling for their release. An excerpt from one of Amnesty's press statement on the case:
"This is the second time that these six medical professionals have been sentenced to death by Libyan courts. In this trial, as in their earlier one, confessions which they have repeatedly alleged were extracted from them under torture were used as evidence against them, while defence lawyers were not allowed to bring in international expertise and the evidence produced by Libyan medical experts was questioned by international medical experts."
Declan Butler, a reporter for Nature, has a blog which may be of some interest to our Most Loyal Readers who are interested in the intersection of science and public health with human rights. He has tracked this case closely and has a resource page for those who wish to take action.

And finally, while I was roaming the Amnesty site for more information on the case I stumbled on this fascinating report released last summer, Caring for human rights: Challenges and opportunities for nurses and midwives. Check it out!
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