Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Okay, we are keeping an eye on the up-coming Jennifer Lopez film, Bordertown, with a plot centered on the murders of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Here's what the Los Angeles Times has to say about the film,
"Bordertown" is being endorsed by Amnesty International, which reviewed draft versions of thescreenplay and provided feedback on the movie's factual accuracy, said Bonnie Abaunza, director of Artists for Amnesty, an L.A.-based program of Amnesty International USA that works with artists and entertainers to raise awareness of human rights issues.

In an interview, Abaunza said that although the movie is told in the style of a thriller, it is rooted in hard, disturbing facts. A prologue at the beginning of the film gives context to the story of the murders, and a number of scenes, including one shot inside a Mitsubishi television plant, lend authenticity to the story's socioeconomic setting, she said. Though she believes the movie will be "accessible to the public," Abaunza added, "this is not 'Star Wars,' this is not 'Lord of the Rings.'

"There are some very hard political statements made in this movie, about NAFTA, CAFTA, about corporations," she said, referring to the free trade agreement among Mexico, Canada, Central American countries and the United States.
No US release date yet, but we'll keep you posted!
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