Saturday, August 05, 2006

Prison Art from M&Ms

I'm a bit late with this but I meant to recommend NPR's recent series on Life in Solitary Confinement. In addition to the audio series, much of it focusing on California's "supermax" prison at Pelican Bay, there are some "web extras" including an interview with Human Rights Watch's Jamie Fellner on the human rights implications of indefinite solitary confinement.

The art teacher in me was drawn to today's Los Angeles Times which tells us that a Pelican Bay inmate, Donny Johnson, who paints with dyes made from M&Ms, faces disciplinary action because he's been allowing his work to be sold to benefit a charity, Pelican Bay Prison Project, that supports children of prisoners. The New York Times has a profile of the artist, with a slideshow, also linked via this article. (A couple of images are also on view at CNN.) Very vibrant! So much for "melts in your mouth not in your hands!" Pelican Bay Prison Project's site also has some columns written by Donny.

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