Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Millenium Plot

Our February author, Lorraine Adams, won a Pulitzer back in 1992 for investigative reporting on misconduct by Texas police. If this ever inspires her to write a novel, it sounds like something Rights Readers could get behind. But of more immediate interest is her reporting on the so-called "Millenium Plot," the terrorist plot to plant a bomb at LAX. It was her reporting on this story that inspired Harbor. Unfortunately, that reporting has all gone to archive, but to refresh your memory about the case, try this Wikipedia entry on Ahmed Ressam and for a more thorough backgrounder see the website for a PBS Frontline documentary Trail of a Terrorist. Under Links and Resources be sure to note the info on GIA (Armed Islamic Group).

And as a counterweight to the Frontline's reporting on the potential abuse of the asylum system by terrorists consider this 2003 report from Amnesty International: Asylum-seekers fleeing a continuing human rights crisis.
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