Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!

This post is partly an excuse to add a little color to the site (decoration courtesy of my local nail salon), but also a reminder that as we do an annual card action for prisoners for the December holidays, its good to think about those who can't celebrate. With all the buzz about Google's capitulation to Chinese censors, here's an update to Amnesty's continued monitoring of this issue and a plea to take action on behalf of journalist, poet an d prisoner of conscience, Shi Tao (Guardian profile), who is serving a ten year sentence, no thanks to Yahoo.

Closer to home I was interested in the Los Angeles Times coverage of the difficulties of Falun Gong groups (some friends of ours included) who want to participate in Chinese New Year parades here in the San Gabriel Valley and in San Francisco, as well as quite pleased at their subsequent editorial criticizing parade organizers. What the world needs is more parades where freedom of expression is celebrated. (Wait a minute! That sounds familiar!)
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