Monday, May 20, 2013

For August: Watcher in the Pine by Rebecca Pawel

Once again, we are kicking back in August and enjoying a mystery, this time one from Rebecca Pawel's series set in the aftermath of the Spanish civil war, Watcher in the Pine:
Spain, 1940. Potes, a remote northern mountain village, is Carlos Tejada’s first independent Guardia Civil command. He soon discovers that this “promotion” is a mixed blessing. The villagers are unwelcoming. He and his pregnant wife, Elena, have no place to live but the jail, and his own men seem strangely hostile. Is it just their suspicion of his wife’s Republican sympathies? Or is there more going on in the beautiful but bleak area, recently devastated by the civil war? Tejada discovers that there may, indeed, be a new outbreak of that war with Potes as its epicenter. And he must find a way to reconcile his love for his wife with his duty.
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