Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Negotiating to a Strong Conclusion

arms trade infographic
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Two back-to-back headlines popped up in my RSS feed recently and gave me a chuckle:

The Millions : 47 New Ways to Bid Arms Goodbye
Historic Arms Trade Treaty in the Balance

So the first is actually about the release of a new edition of Ernest Hemingway's classic novel of love and war in World War I, A Farewell to Arms, which includes 47 alternative endings. And the second is from Amnesty International and concerns world leaders now meeting in New York to negotiate the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty which will prevent weapons from ending up in the hands of tyrants and child soldiers,
But if the $60 billion arms trade industry has its way, the Treaty will be watered down and ineffective.  Detractors, like the NRA, are drawing false connection between the arms trade treaty and the 2nd Amendment to protect the lucrative weapons industry have even taken to the Internet spreading misinformation to stop the treaty.  Don't let powerful lobbyists stop the US from supporting a strong Arms Trade Treaty.  
After you've taken action towards a favorable conclusion to the treaty  negotiations, if you're still curious about those other endings there is more here. I think Hemingway negotiated the right ending to his novel. It's going to take a lot of pressure from all of us to get a strong agreement that will stop the arming of human rights abusers.

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