Friday, April 22, 2011

Resurrection after Exoneration

Killing Time: An 18-Year Odyssey from Death Row to FreedomRemember late last month when the Supreme Court overturned a jury verdict awarding 14 million in damages to John Thompson, who spent 18 years on death row in Louisiana before the discovery of prosecutor misconduct got him exonerated? Mr. Thompson tells his own story in a New York Times op-ed (see also Killing Time: An 18-Year Odyssey from Death Row to Freedom) and pleads,
I don’t care about the money. I just want to know why the prosecutors who hid evidence, sent me to prison for something I didn’t do and nearly had me killed are not in jail themselves. There were no ethics charges against them, no criminal charges, no one was fired and now, according to the Supreme Court, no one can be sued.
A appalling as this verdict is for justice in this case we are lucky that Mr. Thompson is far more generous than the Supreme Court. In the spirit of the Good Friday death penalty actions I used to organize on my church lawn, take a moment to find out about the organization for exonerees, Resurrection after Exoneration, he started by watching the video below, learn more at the Resurrection after Exoneration website...

...and your action for today is to sign the petition for Troy Davis!

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