Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guantanamo Follow-up

Following up on our very recent discussion of Mahvish Khan's My Guantanamo Diary, we have a new look at the The Guantánamo “Suicides” from Scott Horton of Harper's. Reaction from Glenn Greenwald (Salon) and Dahlia Lithwick (Slate),

The fact that three Guantanamo prisoners—none of whom had any links to terrorism and two of whom had already been cleared for release—may have been killed there and the deaths covered up, should be front-page news. That brand-new evidence of this possible atrocity from military guards was given only the most cursory investigation by the Obama administration should warrant some kind of blowback. But changing what we allow ourselves to believe about torture would change the way we have reconciled ourselves to torture. Nobody in this country is prepared to do that. So we have opted to ignore it.
Don't to forget to check out fresh action opportunities on Guantanamo closure from the ACLU Amnesty!

Update:  Via Human Rights Now,  here's how Amnesty is responding,
Yesterday, Amnesty International wrote formally to US Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to:
1) Release unredacted copies of the NCIS and SOUTHCOM investigations into the incident;
2) Publish the Department of Justice’s investigation of Sgt. Hickman’s allegations;
3) Reveal the purpose of the facility Hickman labeled ‘Camp No’; and
4) Publish any materials relating to the abuse of a fourth detainee, Shaker Aamer, reported to have taken place in Camp Echo on the same day.
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