Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Tenth Anniversary!

We can't let this month pass without noting that it is Rights Readers tenth anniversary. Thanks to everyone who has joined us over the years, especially our charter members, Joyce, Lucas, Paul, Larry and Robert. I still remember when we finished our first discussion, I was thinking it went well and just maybe we could do this on a quarterly, maybe even bimonthly basis, and you all turned to me and asked what we would read next month! Luckily I had a few suggestions ready... and so we were off! We've been around the world a few times over, covered human rights landmarks stretching back over a century, and solved a few mysteries, even if we haven't delivered world peace, (though we take credit for one happy marriage!) in the process. Here's to ten more years of good friends and good reads!

At left are just a few of the 120 books we have read. Check here for the full list plus our upcoming selections.
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