Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Be Irrepressible!

Just got back from voting in today's primary election and thought my friendly pollworkers were lonely. Too lonely. This post is coming a bit late in the day to boost the turnout, but as I walked back home I thought maybe I should get back to blogging about people who want to vote but can't.

Or how about: want to read the internet and can't. I've added a new feature to the sidebar from Irrespressible.info, a project of Amnesty International - UK which highlights text from web pages that are banned somewhere in the world. Click on the feature to find out more about the excerpt and other action opportunities. These excerpts come from a database of material compiled by the OpenNet Initiative. Check out their cool interactive map on the state of internet censorship worldwide. Too bad the site isn't more explicitly linked to Amnesty-USA's campaign to pressure Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to be responsible corporate citizens regarding censorship in China via shareholder activism and other actions. (So I'm just filling that gap by making the connection for you!)

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