Friday, December 16, 2005

Miscellaneous Marjane Satrapi Links

Here's Satrapi on wearing hijab, a question she also addresses in this AsiaSource Interview. Here's another interesting tidbit from that interview about an unpublished (in English) work:
Have any of your books been translated into Persian?

My children's book. It has not been published in America, but it is called The Dragon Ajdar, because ajdar in Persian means dragon. So this is a story, a fairy tale about a big earthquake, and a king who sends a little girl to the center of the earth to find out why the earthquake happens, and the girl finds out that it is a dragon who is the guardian of the earth. The dragon says that people, by making holes that are too big have broken his back, and he just moved to try to make himself more comfortable - the book has ecological themes - and this made an earthquake. But the little girl learns a lot and has many different experiences on her way to find the dragon. So this one has been translated [into Farsi], because there is no political or sexual message in it.

She also indicates that she is working on an animated version of the two volumes of Persepolis.

And finally here's an amusing cartoon account of a Satrapi Book-Signing.
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